Irma Corado for a truly inclusive Fairfax County


About Irma

As a long-time resident of Fairfax County, I am committed to making sure that the people and communities who have long been ignored by those in power have a Supervisor who is willing to fight for them. My experiences as a first-generation, Guatemalan woman of color from a mixed-status family have greatly informed the lens through which I see the world. I am happy to announce my candidacy as a Democrat for Braddock District Supervisor.


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I believe in collective power and actively engaging community members of the Braddock District, and Fairfax County at-large, in decision-making that impacts us all. Learn more about the issues, volunteer with us, or make a donation today!


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Accessible and accountable government, an inclusive Fairfax, and language justice — learn more about what that can look like in 2019.


Grassroots up is the way leadership should make its decisions. Help us build collective power and volunteer with us today.

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